The networks of power. A research centered on the balance of powers, an evaluation of their perspectives, how we relate to or are influenced by them and the changes that (can) occur because of them. In short: it is all about awareness.

For this I integrate topical subjects in installations. In order to maintain their actuality I transform my artworks continuously and therefore they keep evolving. The motivation for some of my works were for example: the Arab Spring, a conference of one of the most powerful secret clubs in the world, the Bilderberg Group and a number of individuals who were persecuted for expressing their opinions.

Current projects are about the contrast between humanistic, ethical, political and economic schemes: among others, people who were persecuted because of their defiance and methods used against them by their persecutors. The installation strives to enable the viewer to discover something without imposing a specific opinion. Do we know what is happening? How is it relating to each other? And how can one, as an individual, act on it? These installations are meant to be a ‘trigger’, not a predetermined point of view. People can form their own opinions although they are not obligated. Other aspects of these installations can be accorded equal importance, such as aesthetics, poetry, ambience and experience.