Yacintha van Zuidam

"Life and people are beautiful--all their cultures, thoughts, quests, attitudes, and conclusions. I want to question people’s dogmas; reality is so much more complicated. I want to hear opinions, make people express themselves, and articulate my own opinions without needing to convince anyone of anything. I want to get people closer to their hearts. I want to see them take up space. I want them to love themselves and I want to allow people their own reasoning. I don’t want to see them tiptoeing all their lives in order to get some blessing, praise or even heaven. I want to seek together with them and seek myself in an honest way. This candid seeking is often better than a hypocritical little chat. Sincerity in this search is principal for me. I want to stay curious and follow my intuition. I want to go on philosophizing on my options."

- Almer (9 December 1984 - 14 March 2013)